Maggie Davis

I have attended art courses over many years at places like Westhope College and also under the guidance of many local and national tutors who are leaders in the field of colour and design on both paper and cloth. I am inspired by the richness of our World and all it has to offer in the forms of organic texture, colour and heritage. I use a mix of mediums such as acrylics, dyes and inks to create my mainly abstract artwork.  Handmade and other manipulated paper may be used to create 3d effects, and stitch and word can enhance the pieces .     I am in love with colour and enjoy playing around    with it in all its forms to produce my work. I am increasingly experimenting with natural dyes and new for 2020 I am playing around with paint pouring.   I am a member of the Visual Art Network in Shropshire and regularly exhibit in Their gallery  in    Shrewsbury.  Just been invited to become a member of Artistree a co-operative of artist in Ledbury and will be exibiting with them throughout the year .  Sadly whilst we are shut down due to Covid-19  all exhibitions are cancelled and galleries shut , but we will be back , stay  safe and stay  positive .

Works can still be reserved  for 20% of sale price and posted out once we are able. 

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